Welcome to Akornsys R & D & I

We are a multidisciplinary team of developers, building (not just) Open Source (Hard|Soft)ware projects. We are not a company, just a group of people with common interests and a common vision.

We develop products on request, collaborate with other groups and do our own projects in our spare time.

If you have an idea, want a customized product based on one of our designs or want to contribute in some way, please contact us.

Our Vision

We believe in the huge potential of Free and Open Source Software and Hardware, so all tools used and projects follow this philosophy, if possible.

We want to create community-focused projects, using available (state-of-the-art or classic) technologies with an accessible and well-documented finish. We aim to create projects that are easy to use and understand for makers, both as a final product and as an inspiration.

We create any kind of project, from toys for makers to professional products or instrumentation, including utilities or development environments.