Publication of PCBID Tools and PCBID V2 Specifications 2nd draft

The second draft of the PCBID V2 Specifications has been published. Among other changes it simplifies the handling of files and adds technical details. The specifications are available in the PCBID Specifications repository. These new specifications are still a draft and new changes can be added, the repository is open to receive issues with proposals for improvement.

Based on this second draft, the external toolkit that allows the generation of PCBID numbering has also been published. It can be found in the PCBID Tools repository. At the moment two tools for the management of PCBID are included, new tools can be added to this repository later.

This is a further step towards the implementation of PCBDB, which will allow from a PCBID number access to all traceability events, history of changes, documentation and other related information of the project.